Our range of services include a variety of options including all of the critical aspects relating to billing support, training and implementation.

Be Prepared to answer the following questions....

• Are you a dual provider (SUD 95 and MH 84)?

• Are you currently a Trading Partner with Medicaid?

• What is your payer breakdown? I.e. 75% Medicaid 25% Insurance

• What services do you provide? Do you know what rates those services bill for?

• If you provide AOD Residential Services, do you bill actual residential that is currently paid by your board or do you bill unbundled fee   for service?

• Do you currently provide MH Residential?

• Do you utilize unlicensed providers, i.e. CT, CDCA’s, CMS and QMHS?

• If you bill Medicaid for BH, have you registered and affiliated any eligible providers?

• Do you have board funding that you utilize? If yes, which boards do you bill? What system do they utilize to process MACSIS files, i.e. GOSH, Macsis, etc.?

• Are you planning to go live with EPM and EHR concurrently?

• What provider licensures do you have for services?

• Do you currently bill Medicare and Insurance? If not, do you have any client population that has Medicare that you provide services   to?

• If you bill Medicare and Insurance, what clearing house do you utilize?

• How familiar are you with the BH Redesign changes that are planned for go live July 1st?

• How many people are in your billing department and what is the responsibility breakdown? And what is an estimate of their current skill set? Include proficiency with Microsoft Office as well any current software packages and experience with the MITS portal and Trading Partner sites.

• What is your estimated annual revenue currently for BH services?

• What is your current reimbursement rate for services?